Hello and welcome to the Art on the Hill registration page. We hope that much of the process is self explanatory but please read these notes before starting to fill in the form. Please also read the FAQ page which enlarges on some of the information below.

If you do not want to exhibit or perform but wish to offer your home as a venue for other artists then there is a separate registration page for you. However, please read this page as well so that you are aware of what potential artists are being told.

Art on the Hill welcomes any artist or craftworker in any medium, however experienced or inexperienced. If you're not sure that what you do is "art" then it probably is! If you have never exhibited your work before, an Arts Trail is an excellent place to start and to get feedback from an appreciative public.

Registration is open to anyone who lives within the Trail area. It is also open to anyone from outside the area who can find a public or private venue to host their work. Please be aware that local artists may be given priority in the public venues.

Registration will open on 1st March and continue until 31st May. No registrations will be accepted after this date. There is a registration fee which goes towards the costs of organising and advertising the trail and of printing the Trail brochure. There is an Early Bird fee of £20 until 31st March. After that the fee is £25. The fee is payable per artist, not per venue. Every artist has an individual entry in the brochure. The fee is non refundable.

The ideal place to exhibit your work is in your own home. If you have never done this before then it might seem quite intimidating but, while it does take quite a bit of preparation, most people find that it goes very smoothly and enjoy inviting guests into their home. If you are concerned, do feel free to contact the organising team for some advice.

If you do decide to use your own home then the registration process is very straightforward. Fill in the details and pay the fee. You will then be sent a confirming email telling you what to do next. A few weeks before the Trail weekend there will be an artists' meeting which you will be expected to attend or to send a representative.

If you do not have your own venue then you have several options. If you have a friend who is exhibiting in their own home and who has space to spare then you could ask them to host you and proceed as above.

Failing that there are a some public venues and a few private venues that may be able to host your work. You will still need to register as above but state that you do not have a venue. You will then be sent an email that contains a link to the page displaying available venues.

You then need to choose a venue from this list and contact them directly to see if their space is suitable for your work. For instance, it may be that a venue has only wall space or only table space to offer. Make your arrangement with the venue holder and be sure that you understand what they require of you as exhibitor. Then contact the AOTH email address to inform us of what you have arranged.

If you are exhibiting anywhere other than your own home it is your responsibility to liaise with your host and to help them with organising your show and their space. We advise all host venues to be clear with hosted artists, well in advance, what is expected of them.

Arrangements with the public venues must be completed by April 30th.

All artists are invited to submit a summary of your work in 30 words or less to be published on the website and in the Trail brochure. If you wish to, please also include your website, social media and email addresses for publication.

Artists are also invited to submit an image of their work for the website and brochure. The image needs to in square jpeg format, under 5Mb file size and, ideally, 300dpi. It will be assumed that AOTH can use this image, if needed, in further publicity for the Trail.

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