ART ON THE HILL (AOTH) BRISTOL – General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)


This privacy policy sets out how the Art on the Hill organisation collects, uses and protects any information gathered from members of the AOTH Committee, members of the public visiting the website and those participating as exhibiting Artists or taking part as Performers. Art on the Hill is committed to ensuring that privacy is protected and that information will only be used in accordance with this privacy statement.


This policy is effective from May 25th 2018 and will be published on the website Please check that page from time to time to ensure that you are happy with any changes that are made. 




Participant Artist Information is submitted and collected from the web forms included on the AOTH
website.  The following potential information is collected:


Name , Address, Personal email, Phone number, Public Email, Instagram account, Facebook
Account, Twitter Account, Uploaded mage of Artwork


The information collected is stored on a secure Umbraco database.  Access to this is via azure cloud hosted SQL server database.  All passwords stored in LastPass password management system (visit for Last Pass privacy details).  Server access
credentials are stored securely and not accessible to the general public, only to authorised admin users who also keep these credentials secure and private. 


The information is accessible by AOTH authorised admin users on the website and viewable by members of the public.  Some data submitted to AOTH will be displayed on the website, including text details about the artist and potentially a thumbnail image of their artwork.

Information will be kept on the database for 18 months.

Please note that AOTH cannot guarantee how this publicly available text/photographic I

nformation on the website is used.  Text and photographs can easily be captured directly from the

website and we do not currently employ or offer any protection from this happening.


AOTH makes it clear to participant artists that any artwork images and text information submitted may be used on the website, in the AOTH brochure and in media advertising and publicity. 


It is likely that, over time, Google and other web search software will collect this information to be used in search result listings.  Participant artists whose information has been harvested from the AOTH website can request Google to remove that listing and information, if possible (the

information may be part of other related text and therefore cannot be edited out of that I

nformation.  Google privacy policy can be found here: )


The Art on the Hill website may include links to artists’ and performers’ websites, as well as
websites related to the arts trail mission. Art on the Hill are not responsible for any 3rd party links provided on the website, the integrity and accuracy of any information found on other websites, or how anyone chooses to use that




Information submitted to the AOTH website will also be used for production of the AOTH Arts Trail weekend brochure.  This is printed and distributed to the public prior to the weekend, and also available during the weekend itself at various venues. 


AOTH makes it clear to participant artists that any information included in the brochure, publicity, advertising or media is in the public domain and AOTH cannot be responsible for how others copy, scan, quote or otherwise use that information elsewhere.




Performers volunteer to perform at public venues at pre-trail events and events over the actual arts trail weekend. 


They initially email their performance details to the performances organizer.  These details are kept on a computer database, and also in hardcopy in a performances card folder.  The computer is password protected, and the performance folder is kept securely out of public view.


Once Performances are offered a performing slot, they have an option to have their band
information appear in the AOTH brochure.  They can use the AOTH website form to submit an
entry to be included on the website and in the brochure, which can include an image of the
performer or band, as well as up to 30 words of text.

We will make it clear to the Performers that submitting information to be used on the website or in the brochure permits the images and/or text to be used in media advertising promoting Art on the Hill. 



Members of the public, Art on the Hill committee members and participating artists and performers are likely to be included in various Art on the Hill mailing lists in order to receive latest information updates about the arts trail and administration matters.


It is possible to request to be included on the general Art on the Hill mailing list by sending an email from the AOTH website via the contact us page.


New registrants are also sometimes added manually to the list.


Google Mail and contacts have been used so far to maintain and store email addresses.  More information about Google GDPR compliance and security systems here:

Art on the Hill will soon be moving all mailing lists to Mail Chimp, which uses a secure
opt-in and unsubscribe method to manage and maintain all mailing lists.  More information about Mail Chimp GDPR compliance and security systems here:   Once moved over the Mailchimp, all Google mailing lists will be permanently deleted.




There is usually an Art on the Hill raffle and tickets are sold prior to the Trail weekend to members of the public, committee members and participant artists and performers.  The purchaser’s name and phone number is written on each ticket and the tickets are stored safely in a plastic box in a private residence. 



On the day of the draw, the tickets will be taken to a public place and folder ready for the draw to take place.  The winners are then announced and the used tickets placed in a safe, private space.

All tickets are securely destroyed after the draw has happened.



Any use of artists information that is used on social media has already been given consent to be shared when participants register on the AOTH website. The only information shared is artists photo submission, name and and any descriptions they offer when registering.


AOTH fully participates with the current policies stated by Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. No personal information is stored on AOTH social media accounts.



All materials used for Art on the Hill publicity and marketing, either online or in hardcopy, are

obtained with the full permission of the owners.  This permission is outlined clearly on the website and various other stages of the registration process.  Contributors are told that by submitting

images of their artwork or performances, they are giving permission for that material to be used for media advertising online and offline. 


All materials are stored or filed either in hardcopy or on password protected, firewalled computer systems. 

Art on the Hill does not currently have any limit as to how long the materials can be stored and re-used, but anyone who has contributed materials can request for them to be
returned and/or deleted.   This would be done as quickly as possible on request. 

We have, in the past, used images of Art on the Hill visitors on advertising and promotion, but as these images can easily include images of children, we have recently only been
using actual images of artists work, or performers publicity images provided. 



If you find that Art on the Hill has collected, stored or is using any of your personal
information and you would like this removed or deleted, please contact Art on the Hill for immediate action:




Published 25 May 2018

Art on the Hill
Bristol, UK